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Air Cooled R290 Packaged Systems

Subsectors: Commercial Refrigeration

Blocksystem, Ecological, Smart, Technological! New Variable-Speed R290 (Propane, GWP=3) Air Cooled Packaged System, Plug-N-Play solution for Walk-in Coolers and Freezers. Revolutionary electronics and integrated connectivity system make this future-proof and game-changing product aesthetically appealing, functional and digitally innovative. The thermodynamic circuit, completely revised by using variable speed compressors of the latest generation, electronic expansion valve, EC fan motors and reduced pipes diameter, matches extreme reliability and high performance. New electronics and the new internally developed software, with smart defrost function and leak detector, grant the maximum precision and stability in the temperature regulation and unprecedent energy savings. Specifically designed for walk-in cooler and freezers, BEST will minimize installation time and costs, as there is no need for piping, wiring or plumbing on site. Plus, with only a 4-inch deflector inside the room, storage space is maximized as never before. Smart Controls offer a safe and reliable product with all the comfort to simply manage and monitor these systems from your Smartphone. UL Listed, NSF Approved and DOE / AWEF Compliant.



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    Rivacold America is the U.S. production and distribution facility for Rivacold S.r.l. With over 55 years of experience and innovation, Rivacold is a leader in commercial and industrial refrigeration. As such, it is...