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Green Cooling in a warming world

Cooling is a basic need – from refrigerated food and vaccines to better living conditions in hot climates. But Green Cooling is the only truly sustainable option to protect the climate and ensure the well-being of people at the same time.

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16.10.2020 , News : The dum­ping me­nace

Why used cooling imports are posing a risk for Ghana – and how behavioural science can help.

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The GCI Network is an alliance of key players in the RAC sector and comprises government institutions, international organisations and the private sector, with the aim of promoting sustainable cooling technologies in order to protect the global climate. Stay up to date at all times: sign up and become a member.

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01.03.2020 , News : KMUT­NB boosts trai­ning for Green Coo­ling tran­si­ti­on

For a long time, Thailand has relied on synthetic refrigerants and is only now discovering the enormous potential in natural-refrigerant technologies.

21.09.2020 , News : Green Coo­ling for a bet­ter fu­ture

How to achieve a better and more sustainable future for everyone - and where cooling comes into play

In­ter­ac­tive: Coo­ling sub­sec­tors

What are the main sectors in which cooling is needed? What is the GHG-mitigation potential per sector?

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