Our pro­jects

Our projects

We act locally, but we achieve a global impact – our projects are dedicated to the dissemination of Green Cooling technologies in emerging and developing countries in Asia, Africa, Latin America and the Caribbean. Since 1995, we have implemented more than 340 projects in over 60 countries.

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This geographical map is for informational purposes only and does not constitute recognition of international boundaries or regions; GIZ makes no claims concerning the validity, accuracy or completeness of the maps nor assumes any liability resulting from the use of the information therein.

International Climate Initiative (IKI) Independent Complaint Mechanism 

The International Climate Initiative (IKI) (opens in a new window) has developed an independent Complaint Mechanism that aims to enable people to voice complaints and seek redress regarding social and/or environmental impacts of IKI projects or who wish to report misuse of funds.

The mechanism will contribute to the monitoring of projects' outcomes, prevent unintended negative effects of issues from going unnoticed, support the proper use of public funds, and finally ensure compliance with international good practices.

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World­wi­de on-site so­lu­ti­ons

In our projects, we show how ozone and climate protection work hand-in-hand. We offer our partner countries tailor-made solutions. Human beings and the environment benefit from the effects, both locally and globally.