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Interested in Green Cooling? GIZ Proklima's Cool Training offers many options. Learn more about the safe use and handling of natural refrigerants. Discover ways to implement policies in your country, and promote sustainable, environmentally friendly cooling. Cool Training offers all this and more. Let’s fight global warming.

GIZ Proklima's Cool Training offers a series of international trainings focused on the safe use of natural refrigerants in the RAC sector. Launched in 2014, the programme supports the worldwide adoption of sustainable cooling technologies by offering training on the safe handling of natural refrigerants. The main target groups are international RAC technicians and trainers, as well as political decision makers from developing countries and emerging economies. Depending on the training programme, courses are offered as one-week or two-week packages for NOU representatives and technicians.

Cool Trainings 2024

Since 2022, we offer e-learning courses that provide the basic theoretical knowledge needed to participate in the face-to-face trainings. The latter will take place in Germany and will focus on practical exercises. The e-learning is also open for all other interested persons.



The online course uses the e-learning platform It consists of 19 videos (3-8 minutes) for self-learning, and additional download material.

Participation is open to everybody and free of charge.

The course is available in English, French and Spanish.

Interested? Please follow these steps:

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In case of problems write an e-mail to write an e-mail to[at]giz[dot]de.


The online course will be complemented by live webinars. The dates will be published here and in the course room once they are confirmed.

If you have any questions for the webinar, ask them in the forum (opens in a new window) on atingi.


Face-to-face training

  • NOU / Policymaker Training:  24 - 28 June 2024 (English)
  • Technician Trainings:
    • 8 - 19 July 2024 (Portuguese)
    • 16 - 27 September 2024 (English)

If you are interested in participation, please contact us ([at]giz[dot]de )

Content of the training

Content of the training

The overall objective of the Cool Training initiative is to spread in-depth knowledge and the capacity to operate and maintain cooling technologies based on natural refrigerants. Participants can learn about the use of propane (R290) and CO2 (R744), as well as ammonia (R717). The training includes two visits to innovative German companies, such as natural refrigerant producers, RAC component manufacturers and refrigeration plants. It heavily emphasises hands-on practical sessions (70% practice, 30% theory), creating expertise that can be applied immediately in the participant's line of work.

For technicians:

Practical and theoretical content includes: safety and environmental requirements according to DIN EN 378-1:2017-03 to 4:2017- 03; the application of propane (R290) and CO2 (R744) as refrigerants; the recovery of R134a and its replacement with R290 in RAC appliances; refrigerant circuit pipe joining and installation methods; leak finding and tightness test activities in practice.

For NOU representatives:

Furthermore, a one-week Cool Training course has been developed for policymakers and stakeholders working on the topic of natural refrigerants and the protection of the ozone layer and climate. Participants receive a certificate of completion after finishing the training and passing the written examination. Proklima encourages alumni to act as knowledge multipliers in their home countries and regions.

The training is conducted in cooperation with the Bundesfachschule Kälte-Klima-Technik (BFS), one of the leading German vocational training centres for refrigeration technology with more than fifty years of experience.

Quote participant 

"The experience was mind-blowing! Overall, the information was vital and could help me improve RAC on my small island."

Abbott, Cool Training participant from Saint Vincent and the Grenadines (2019)

Benefits and fees


The demand for natural refrigerants is rising rapidly. The growth is driven by recent national, regional and international politico-legal developments, such as the EU F-gas regulation and the Kigali Amendment. The training courses help RAC experts and trainers gain a competitive edge over their peers by staying up to date and working in accordance with current regulations and standards, while at the same time moving away from unsustainable technologies and refrigerants, such as HFOs and HFCs (e.g. R134a). Alumni can use their expertise to help environmentally-conscious consumers and industries to meet their Green Cooling objectives, while helping the national government meet its Nationally Determined Contributions – the national climate change mitigation commitments under the Paris Agreement.

Gallery Cool Training

Expertise and organisation

GIZ Proklima is a programme of the Deutsche Gesellschaft für Internationale Zusammenarbeit (GIZ) GmbH. It has been providing technical assistance to developing countries since 1996. Under commission of the Federal Ministry for Economic Cooperation and Development (BMZ), GIZ helps in the implementation of the provisions of the Montreal Protocol on substances that deplete the ozone layer. Proklima launched the Cool Training series in 2014. Since then, more than 300 trainers, lecturers, and representatives of National Ozone Units (NOU) and implementing agencies have been officially cool-trained. The training is implemented in cooperation with Bundesfachschule Kälte-Klima-Technik (BFS), one of Germany’s leading vocational training centres for cooling technology with more than fifty years of experience.

Training fees 2022 

  • Refrigeration training for policy-makers and other actors: 1-week package, 1750 euros (net)
  • Refrigeration training for technicians: 2-week package, 2050 euros (net)

Training fees include class materials, lunches on training days, a company visit, airport pick-up and drop-off and transportation from the hotel to the training site. Not included are hotel fees, dinners, potential visa costs and flights. Contact us for more information. 


In addition to the on-site Cool Trainings, we now offer a complementary online Cool Training. Through the materials provided online, participants can prepare for the Cool Training and gain basic knowledge of refrigeration technology and natural refrigerants. 

The online course consists of 18 videos (3-8 minutes) for self-learning and additional download material. The learners can watch the videos at their own pace: all at once, one at a day, everything is possible.

Participants will have the possibility to pose questions. For those who participate between March and May 2022, the questions will be answered in live webinars with the German training institute BFS.

Participants who successfully answer the quiz questions in the online course will receive a certificate of attendance.

Interested? Please follow these steps:

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  2. Search "Cool Training" in the search button on the atingi platform
  3. Get started!

In case of problems write an e-mail to write an e-mail to[at]giz[dot]de.

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