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Commercial Refrigeration System Using CO2 Refrigerant With Full Transcritical Efficiency (FTE) and Extreme Temperature Efficiency (ETE) Technology

The leading technology in the global change to natural refrigerants is the CO2 transcritical booster system, with many sizing options and efficiency technologies like ETE, there is a solution for any retailer. Epta’s Full Transcritical Efficiency system FTE provides high energy efficiency in transcritical refrigeration systems with medium and low temperature applications. With only standard components, it allows an increase of the evaporation temperature and an elimination of superheat in the medium temperature loads. Epta high pressure parallel compression ETE provides high reliability for transcritical systems in hot ambient conditions with no limit in external temperatures. It includes a subcooling unit in the refrigeration circuit and no additional systems like water spray, external subcooling or adiabatic gas coolers are needed.


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    Technological innovation is the hallmark of the Epta Group’s production, which is focused on ensuring energy conservation and significant environmental impact reduction using F-Gas compliant natural refrigerants. Kysor...