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CO2 Refrigeration in Ice Rinks: Driving Substantial Savings in Cost and Energy Consumption - A Case Study of Santander Arena

Subsectors: Industrial Refrigeration

The outdated R22 refrigeration system has undergone a comprehensive transformation, where it has been replaced with a high-performance packaged 190 TR (668 kW) transcritical CO2 system, accompanied by a gas cooler. This advanced solution harnesses the advantageous refrigerant properties of CO2 to their fullest extent, optimizing energy efficiency and environmental sustainability. Additionally, the system incorporates heat recovery technology, catering to underfloor heating and snow melt requirements, further enhancing energy savings. The meticulous installation process was successfully concluded in August 2022. Our application proudly presents the remarkable benefits of CO2 refrigeration, including substantial cost reductions, an impressive 40% decrease in water consumption, and an outstanding 50% reduction in energy expenses.



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    CIMCO Refrigeration, as Canada's largest industrial refrigeration contractor and a leader in natural refrigerant-based technology, has significantly increased its commitment to climate-friendly ice rink refrigerants....