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Capitalizing on Greenhouse Feasibility Study: Reducing Arena Costs with Ammonia Heat Pumps - A Case Study of the City of Halton Hills, Ontario

Subsectors: Industrial Refrigeration

The article highlights the success story of the City of Halton Hills in Ontario, where they have effectively capitalized on net-zero funding to reduce arena costs through the implementation of ammonia heat pumps. By leveraging these innovative heat pump systems, the city has achieved significant cost savings which will shave an estimated 300,000kWh/year off the Town’s electricity bill while promoting environmental sustainability. The article emphasizes how this project aligns with the city's commitment to reducing greenhouse gas emissions and achieving net-zero targets. The use of ammonia as a refrigerant in the heat pumps ensures high energy efficiency and minimizes environmental impact. The City of Halton Hills serves as an inspiring example of how smart investments in sustainable technologies can lead to substantial cost reductions and pave the way towards a greener future.



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    CIMCO Refrigeration, as Canada's largest industrial refrigeration contractor and a leader in natural refrigerant-based technology, has significantly increased its commitment to climate-friendly ice rink refrigerants....