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Mobile CO₂ training unit brings sustainable refrigeration training worldwide

Subsectors: Commercial Refrigeration

In September 2016, Danfoss introduced the Mobile CO₂ Training Unit, an innovative solution aimed at providing up-to-date and practical training for installers, service technicians, and OEM engineers worldwide. This training unit was designed to cater to the increasing demand for knowledge and expertise in utilizing natural refrigerants effectively. With the Mobile CO₂ Training Unit, industry professionals now have convenient access to both the technology and comprehensive understanding of CO₂ refrigeration. The program includes in-depth presentations by Danfoss CO₂ experts, who showcase various CO₂ systems and solutions. These solutions range from simple gas-bypass systems to more complex parallel compression setups, with or without heat reclaim capabilities. Furthermore, Danfoss introduces the Multi Ejector Solution™ that can enhance the energy efficiency of systems by up to 20% on the hottest day of the year, enabling the use of trans critical CO₂ systems in much harsher climates. By launching the Mobile CO₂ Training Unit, Danfoss has effectively made the expertise and practical knowledge of CO₂ refrigeration readily accessible to professionals in the industry, empowering them to maximize the potential of natural refrigerants in their work. The mobile training unit supports training within: - Trans critical system design: simple booster system, parallel compression, parallel compression with ejector - Commissioning of CO₂ systems - Set up of pack and case controls - Service procedures - Troubleshooting and correction



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