Green Coo­ling In­itia­ti­ve

The Green Cooling Initiative contributes to raising international awareness of the significant mitigation potential associated with environmentally- and climate-friendly cooling technologies. It focuses on cooperation with partner countries across the world to support their efforts in mitigating greenhouse gas emissions from cooling equipment and employing the Green Cooling concept. Among others, there are three "frontrunner partners": Thailand, Vietnam, Kenya, Uganda, Colombia, Honduras.

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Partner Countries

The Green Cooling Initiative aims to integrate and promote the RAC sector within global climate and ozone discussions, namely UNFCCC and Montreal Protocol. It recognises that exchange between technology suppliers and users, as well as between the industry, public institutions and civil society is important for the promotion of said technologies. One of the main goals is therefore to create global and regional networks with representatives from different sectors (see Network).


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Targeted policy advice based on Cooling Strategies will support partner countries in the implementation of cooling technology standards and measures, whilst capacity building will allow them to sustainably manage their technology transformations. Voluntary private sector contributions will increase transformational readiness and will generate public-private partnerships. Proposals to financing institutions can provide replicable funding models and instruments to facilitate access to Green Cooling technology.


The phase-out and phase-down of F-gases and the increase in energy efficiency in the RAC sector make it easier to achieve ambitious NDCs, which were defined by UNFCCC COP21 as the basis for global GHG emission savings. So far, Ghana is one of the few African countries that has integrated F-gases into its NDC to a limited extent. GCI advised Ghana on this by drawing up a GHG inventory of the RAC sector, on the basis of which a Cooling Strategy for emission reduction measures was drafted.

La­test Pu­bli­ca­ti­ons

EGAT joins hands with GIZ to pro­mo­te green coo­ling tech­no­lo­gy to achie­ve car­bon neu­tra­li­ty

16.05.2022 , News :

On May 12, 2022, GIZ and The Electricity Generating Authority of Thailand (EGAT) met to sign a Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) which promotes the use of natural refrigerants. 

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The Electricity Generating Authority of Thailand (EGAT) and the Deutsche Gesellschaft für Internationale Zusammenarbeit (GIZ) GmbH are stepping forward to build a network to support the use of natural refrigerants. This will help reduce the country's Greenhouse Gas (GHG) emissions on the road towards Carbon Neutrality.

Mrs. Sriwan Buranachokepisal, EGAT’s Assistant Governor–Power Plant Planning and Chairman of the Cooling Innovation Fund (CIF) Committee, signed a Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) on “Cooperation on Promotion and Enhancement of Green Cooling” under the Green Cooling Initiative III (GCI III) project in Thailand with Mr. Reinhold Elges, GIZ Country Director of Thailand and Malaysia and Ms. Denise Andres, the project director, at EGAT 50th Anniversary Building, EGAT Headquarters, Nonthaburi Province. Under the agreement, sustainable transformation for climate-friendly and energy-efficient cooling technologies using natural refrigerants will be promoted and enhanced.

Pointing to the key objectives of the collaboration, Mrs. Sriwan Buranachokepisal, EGAT’s Assistant Governor–Power Plant Planning and Chairman of the CIF Committee, said: “EGAT has been collaborating with GIZ since 2017 on the Thailand Refrigeration and Air Conditioning Nationally Appropriate Mitigation Actions (RAC NAMA) project which was completed in 2021. To continue the cooperation on Thailand’s sustainable cooling and to support the contribution of the Refrigeration and Air Conditioning (RAC) sector to national climate mitigation and energy efficiency goals, EGAT through the Cooling Innovation Fund (CIF) and GIZ have mutually agreed to further implement collaborative activities, resulting in the signing of this MoU which will be in effect until June 2024. To complement each other on the green cooling approach in Thailand, concrete cooperation areas between EGAT and GIZ within the MoU under the GCI III project in Thailand have been drawn up.The main focuses are on (1) the development and implementation of innovative demonstrations and partnerships; (2) ensuring the sustainability of training for RAC technicians in responding to the green cooling approach; (3) organising joint events on green cooling for stakeholders to enhance awareness and networks; and (4) exchanging information on relevant financial schemes. These will drive the RAC sector in the country to achieve carbon neutrality and net zero-emission goals.”

Mr. Reinhold Elges, GIZ Country Director of Thailand and Malaysia, emphasised the significance of this cooperation, saying: “The GCI is a global project principally promoting the green cooling approach in order to reduce the negative climate impacts from the cooling sector, which causes significant and rising amounts of GHG emissions worldwide. The project is commissioned by the German Federal Ministry of Environment, Nature Conservation, Nuclear Safety and Consumer Protection (BMUV) to provide support for the end-user uptake of green cooling technologies through technical and policy instruments, as well as to promote knowledge dissemination in the country. In addition, the project also aims to establish Thailand as a regional hub in Asia that can promote the exchange of knowledge and experiences within the region.”

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