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CO2 - The Co­re of Wool­worths and CRS ad­van­ce­ment for Af­ri­ca

02.07.2018 , Noticias :

Last month GCI-network partner Commercial Refrigeration Services (CRS) installed a transcritical system that serves the entire heating and cooling needs of a Woolworths supermarket in the Johannesburg district of Midrand, South Africa. Founded in 1976 in Johannesburg, South Africa, CRS started out with a focus on customised refrigeration installations using the latest technology. With a commitment to continuous development and providing clients with future-proof solutions, they have become a leader in green cooling and heating.

Woolworths and CRS have over 40 years of relationship. Woolworths embarked on their “Good Business Journey” (abre en una nueva ventana) over 10 years ago in order to strategically position themselves at the forefront of sustainability and transformation in the global marketplace.

With CO2 having no GWP and no ozone depleting potential (ODP), as well as being non-toxic and non-flammable this has proven it to be a future proof solution. Currently Woolworths have close to 70 stores running on CO2. Going into the future, the majority of their new builds and revamps will be CO2 transcritical.

Find out more about Woolworths Journey through Alex Kuzma (Head of Engineering Services Department at Woolworths (Pty) Ltd) presentation from ATMONetwork (abre en una nueva ventana)in Africa or find more information regarding CO2 technology development here (abre en una nueva ventana)