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Green Coo­ling Tech­no­lo­gies: Mar­ket trends in selec­ted RAC sub­sec­tors

02/2015 , Publicación :

The study provides an overview on the global cooling value chain for key subsectors and discusses how private and public stakeholders as well as the civil society can drive dynamics towards a wider penetration of Green Cooling technologies.

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The Technology Mechanism of the UN Framework Convention on Climate Change (UNFCCC) targets an accelerated technology transfer across all sectors and countries globally to allow the deployment of the least climate harming technologies. Front runners among the public and private sector as well as from the civil society will play a pivotal role in driving the dynamics towards low-GWP solutions. 

The study provides insights into the global cooling value chain for the three key RAC subsectors, unitary air conditioners, chillers and mobile air conditioning and identifies key factors through which different public, private and civil society stakeholders can influence the dynamics towards an accelerated and wider penetration of green cooling technologies.