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Good Prac­tices in Ref­ri­ge­ra­ti­on (EN / BS / ES)

07/2016 , Publicación - Technical Publication :

This updated manual provide professional guidance on how to service and maintain refrigeration systems operating with ozone-friendly alternative refrigerants to CFCs and HCFCs.

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The manual ‘GOOD PRACTICES IN REFRIGERATION’ is the second edition of a booklet jointly published by the PROKLIMA Programme of the ‘Deutsche Gesellschaft für Technische Zusammenarbeit’ (GTZ) GmbH, the Brazilian ‘Servico Nacional de Aprendizagem Industrial’ (SENAI) and the ‘Ministério do Meio Ambiente do Brazil’ (MMA) in 2004, which had been widely used as part of the training courses on ‘Best practices in refrigeration servicing and CFC conservation’, which were implemented by PROKLIMA as part of the national CFC phase-out plan in Brazil.

This updated manual addresses essential know-how on containment of HFC refrigerants which have a high Global Warming Potential (GWP) and are already widely applied. It also provides extensive information on the safe use of natural refrigerants, such as CO2, Ammonia or Hydrocarbons, which are much more environmentally-friendly with zero or negligible GWP.These efficient but still relatively little used refrigerants are in fact suitable replacements for HCFCs in all applications of refrigeration and air-conditioning equipment.