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Cooling blanket for healthy sleep

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According to a survey by a health insurance company in Germany, one in three people has trouble sleeping in summer temperatures. This poses a threat to health, concentration and performance.That's why the new, actively cooling E.COOLINE blanket now helps you to get a restful night's sleep - even when there are heat records. The soft material fits softly against the body, allowing you a healthy night's rest wherever you are. In addition, the cooling textiles are hygienic, antibacterial and washable. No external energy source or refrigerator is needed for cooling. This means that the products cool CO2-free and thus not only protect peoples health, but also protect the climate and your wallet. Cooling curtains and room dividers will also be available soon. This makes it possible to cool rooms in an environmentally friendly way with the COOLINE SX3 green cooling technology.

Sitio web: https://www.e-cooline.de/living/


  • Miembropervormance international GmbH

    More and more people are suffering from heat stress and need health protection against high temperatures. The active cooling technology COOLINE SX3 used in E.COOLINE products is transforming heat into cooling energy with...