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Pro­duct: Open-dri­ve screw com­pres­sors for am­mo­nia ap­p­li­ca­ti­on

Bitzer’s open-drive screw compressor series OSKA is ideal for use in large-scale commercial and industrial ammonia refrigeration and air conditioning systems. With a high cooling capacity, the OSKA series may be used on its own or in parallel operation with several compressors and shared oil separator in industrial applications. The combination of open compressor and external standard motors make the series exceptionally flexible and allows operation at different supply voltages. A significant improvement to the new series is the separation between the refrigerant circuit and electrical drive, greatly facilitating maintenance and repair. Further improvements include large volume flows of up to 1,015 m3/h at 2,900 revolutions per minute, integrated control electronics and an optimized slider concept for seamlessly adjustable capacity control.


  • Miembro BIT­ZER Kühl­ma­schi­nen­bau GmbH

    Compressors (piston, screw & scroll) and Condensing Units for energy efficient and climate-friendly systems in commercial and industrial refrigeration, air-conditioning and the transport sector. The BITZER Group has...