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SABROE SABlight air-cooled chiller

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Johnson Control’s SABROE SABlight air-cooled chiller uses propane as a refrigerant, providing an environmentally friendly and economic alternative to air-cooled chillers using synthetic refrigerants. Six standard models for use in the low capacity market exist. When comparing efficiencies, the SABlight exceeds hydrofluorocarbon chillers. The frequency-controlled standard compressor ensures a very high coefficient of performance (COP). Moreover, the wide control range makes it a highly flexible chiller that will operate efficiently even at low loads. The SABROE SABlight air-cooled chiller is tailored for outdoor installation with a very low-noise operation. The particularly compact design uses V-coil condensers to significantly reduce the total carbon footprint. With a height of only 2.9 m and a width of only 1.3 m, SABlight units are extremely manageable.


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    Johnson Controls provides equipment, controls and services for heating, ventilating, air-conditioning and refrigeration. Specialised in the use of natural refrigerants, its Sabroe brand offers a whole range of HVAC...