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Saving 26.5% energy on HVAC Chiller system at the French Embassy in Thailand

Subsectores: Chillers

The Embassy of France in Bangkok participated in the 2018 France Ministry of Europe and Foreign Affairs’ Green Embassy contest with its project to reduce energy consumption related to air conditioning. Installing CONTINEWM® Nets have contributed to save 26.5% of electricity consumption of the airconditioning (Chiller system) of the entire building and succeeded to place the project in the TOP 5 in the Green Embassy worldwide contest. The project consists in equipping the Air Conditioning system with the innovative CONTINEWM® Japanese technology from the French-Thai company Technic Electrical Engineering (Thailand) Co., Ltd. The reduction of the electricity consumption is equivalent to a validated reduction of 80 tons per year of CO2 emissions. The performance measurement was made by comparing the electricity consumption of chillers of the administrative building of the French Embassy WITHOUT and WITH CONTINEWM® Net under strictly same conditions and environment over a 3-month period under the control and validation of the Deputy Director of Buildings and Logistics, Deputy Director of Central Services and Logistics of the Ministry of Europe, Foreign Affairs and Development. These FIR emitting ceramic Nets optimize air conditioners and reduce energy consumption while improving the quality of the air by ionization.

Sitio web: www.continewm.asia/testimonials