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Suc­cess sto­ry: first CO2 trai­ning fa­ci­li­ty in South Af­ri­ca

Johannesburg, February 2016- Commercial Refrigeration Services (CRS) has opened the first ever CO2 training facility and showroom in South Africa. The new facility is used to train local technicians and contractors on installing and maintaining CO2 systems. Groenwald, CRS’ head of engineering, manufacturing and installations said that “knowledge and experience are the barriers standing between CO2 refrigeration applications becoming the mainstream solution for the African market”. The readily accessible CO2 facility in Johannesburg is helping local technicians to understand the climate-friendly and energy-efficient efficient alternative refrigerant. The facility resembles a small supermarket with three different CO2 refrigeration systems: a booster system, a booster system with parallel compression and a booster system with parallel compression and an ejector. By measuring and analyzing the energy consumption by the different types of systems, CRS may demonstrate to the end users the monetary, energy and ecological benefits of each CO2 refrigeration system.