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Success story: Solar-powered cooling in the German Jordanian University

Amman, October 2016: After 4 years of careful planning and developing, GIZ and the Jordanian Ministry of Environment (MoEnv) have successfully completed the solar cooling project at the German Jordanian University. The university in Amman now relies on a solar-powered cooling system that operates with a high reliability and environmental effectiveness, reducing electricity consumption for cooling by 15%. The project demonstrates the feasibility of environmentally-friendly technologies in Jordan, hereby promoting the reduction of CO2 emissions in line with the new Renewable Energy & Energy Efficiency Law, the phasing out of hydrochlorofluorocarbons (HCFCs), and Jordan’s scoping study on Green Economy. With several stakeholders from Germany and Jordan, the project promotes the cooperation between its different partners such as technology providers, German and Jordanian research institutions and Jordanian chiller manufacturers.


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