Cool Talks

Cool Talks: Una serie de entrevistas con miembros de la red GCI

En nuestra serie de entrevistas "Cool Talks", los miembros de la Red de la Refrigeración verde comparten su visión de la refrigeración ecológica. La Red GCI es una alianza de actores clave en el sector de la refrigeración, el aire acondicionado y la espuma. Está formada por instituciones gubernamentales, organizaciones internacionales y el sector privado. Están unidos por un objetivo: la transformación del sector de la refrigeración, en beneficio de las personas, el medio ambiente y nuestro futuro común.

Cool Talks: "Or­ga­ni­zing tech­ni­ci­an trai­nings is one of the most re­war­ding ex­pe­ri­en­ces in my job"

16.04.2021 , Noticias :

From droughts, to floods and land pollution: Marindany Kirui has experienced many dynamic changes in his environment. Today, he is the Coordinator of the National Ozone Unit in Kenya and is actively involved in environmental protection. 

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Marindany Kirui has been involved in ozone and climate protection for over 20 years. For about eight years now, he is the Coordinator of the National Ozone Unit in Kenya, a unit within the Ministry of Environment and Forestry. Against this background, Mr. Kirui is actively driving a nationwide shift to Green Cooling (ozone- & climate-friendly refrigerants in combination with high energy efficiency). We talked to him about his most rewarding experience and what’s still lacking for a successful transition.

Mr. Kirui, to begin with, a very general question: Why do you personally care about the environment? Is there a memorable experience in this regard?

Personally, I care about the environment as I have witnessed dynamic changes in it. I have experienced droughts, floods, change in rain patterns in the country, food loss, food wastage and land pollution (dumping of obsolete equipment), among others.

How did you get into ozone and climate protection and how long have you been working in this field?

Having been in the pollution control division of the Department of Environment in the Ministry of Environment as a chemist, and having the Ministry of Environment as the Focal point of the Ozone treaties, I was seconded to the Institutional Strengthening project under the Montreal Protocol on substances that Deplete the Ozone Layer as Assistant Coordinator. I have been working in the field for twenty (20) years.

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