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Nigeria - National Ozone Office

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The National Ozone Office (NOO) in the Department of Pollution Control, Federal Ministry of Environment is the focal point for the implementation of the MP in Nigeria.

The Ozone Secretariat of UNEP runs the affairs of the Montreal Protocol. The following main Committees are also within the administrative structure of the Protocol; the Executive Committee (EXCOM) which considers and approves ODS phase-out projects, the Implementation Committee (ImpCom) which handles issues relating to implementation and compliance with the Protocol’s provisions and data issues. The Protocol also has a financial mechanism known as the Multilateral Fund (MLF) for the Implementation of the MP on Substances that Deplete the Ozone Layer, designed to meet the special needs of developing countries. There is also the Scientific and Research body known as Technology Economic Assessment Panel (TEAP) and other Substance/Chemical-based Technical Options Committees for each of the ODS such as MBTOC for Methyl bromide and HTOC for Halons, amongst others.

The following are Statutory meetings of the Convention and its Protocol which all country parties are expected to participate in; the Conference of Parties to the VC held once in two years and jointly with the Meeting Of Parties to the MP held yearly where Decisions are taken (High Level), the Open-Ended Working Group Meeting held yearly where technical issues are discussed preparatory to the MOP, Regional Network Meetings for Ozone Officers held twice a year for the Africa Region and other meetings as may be decided by the MOP.

País: Nigeria

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