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North American Sustainable Refrigeration Council NASRC

Non-Government or Multilateral Organisation

The North American Sustainable Refrigeration Council (NASRC) is an action-oriented nonprofit dedicated to advancing natural refrigerants to create a more sustainable, climate-friendly future for supermarket refrigeration.
NASRC is an environmental nonprofit taking action to advance natural refrigerants in order to shape a more sustainable future for refrigeration and to significantly lessen the environmental impact of refrigeration through widespread adoption of natural refrigerants and other innovative technology.
NASRC is focused specifically on tackling the unique set of challenges natural refrigerants face in North American markets to make them an attractive option for supermarkets.
NASRC is committed to bringing together experts including engineers, end-users, consultants, contractors and service technicians, and manufacturers, among others to contribute to progress groups that are tackling each issue area.
Together with the board of directors, members, and partners, NSARC is working to show how natural refrigerants can be a win for the environment, and for business.

Country: United States