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Blue Se­al Air Cur­ta­ins

Subsectors: Transport Refrigeration

Brightec’s BlueSeal air curtains are perfected for temperature controlled road transport, developed to maintain the temperature inside the vehicle. During loading and unloading BlueSeal is activated automatically. Outside air is sucked in by BlueSeal and converted into a vertical air curtain that separates the temperature inside the trailer from the ambient temperature outside the vehicle. The use of a BlueSeal air curtain has been proven to reduce infiltration loads by approximately 30-45%, resulting in a significant reduction in overall thermal load, which in turn reduces the carbon footprint and fuel costs of transport refrigeration systems (independent research project by the Centre for Sustainable Energy Use in Food Chains of Brunel University). BlueSeal effectively maintains temperature zones and ensures product integrity. Besides, it is driver-friendly, easy to install and provides an effective and silent air barrier.



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    Driven by climate change and the exhaustibility of fuels, Brightec was founded in 2010 with the mission to develop sustainable technologies in the field of temperature-controlled road transport. With roots in physics...