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Du­al-pur­po­se #R290 con­tai­ner

Subsectors: Industrial Refrigeration

Thenewest #Refra walk-in container project! 🆕 This dual-purpose #R290 system is ready to serve the headquarters of an international engineering and technology company in Germany 🏬 Two combined walk-in containers each have the #cooling capacity of 1386 kW reaching the overall system power of 2 772 kW! ⚡️ Pretty impressive, isn't it? 😏 That's not all - the total heating capacity of this system is 3 286 kW 💥 👉 This powerful system will be used to air-condition the office building via cooling ceilings in the summertime and to heat the premises using the exhaust air from the ventilation system in the wintertime ♻️ Such and many more unique solutions can be implemented by Refra if you reach out to our sales team here 📲



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    Launched in 1994, Refra is a well-known manufacturer of refrigeration equipment in Europe today. Distinguished by a highly complex and unique offer of refrigeration products, the company can design and manufacture...