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Product: Integral refrigerant system with propane (X-TCDH)

Subsectors: Commercial Refrigeration

In 2010, Thermofin started the design process of an integral system capable of producing the necessary refrigerating demand for chilling units and cold storage rooms as well as provide air condition in the sales areas and supply underfloor heating of supermarkets. The X-TCDH technology uses the natural refrigerant propane (R290). The system uses a 130kW refrigeration system in combination with a 40kW heat pump. Cooling is indirect through the secondary refrigerant propylene glycol; if very low temperatures are required, an extra cooling unit can be added to the system as a CO2 cascade. In addition to providing cooling and heating using an environmentally-friendly refrigerant, the compact system also achieves high efficiencies and investment savings.


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    The company supplies customers all around the globe: units produced by thermofin® are being used in refrigeration and air conditioning equipment for storing and processing food in supermarkets, deep freezing plants and...