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Product: KRONOS water-cooled chillers

Subsectors: Chillers

The KRONOS series from Secon is specially designed for water-cooled applications and also uses the natural and highly efficient refrigerant propane (R290). All units have their own enclosure with gas monitoring and ATEX hazardous area ventilation and can be installed in suitable machinery rooms. Alternatively, the units are also available with a weatherproof housing for outdoor installation. The series covers cooling capacities from 60 to 700 kW and can be used in a wide temperature range with outlet temperatures from +20 to -35°C. LT models use propylene (R1270), which is also a natural refrigerant. The units can be equipped with 1 to 4 reciprocating compressors. The capacity control is either stepped or stepless with inverters. The units already have a special, highly developed control system as standard. Optionally, they can also be equipped with a Siemens S7 industrial control system.


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    SECON was founded in 2010 with the objective of manufacturing liquid chillers exclusively on the basis of natural refrigerants and now is one of the pioneers in the use of hydrocarbons (in particular R290, R1270 and...