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Production conversion to natural refrigerants

The number of room air conditioners is rising quickly throughout the world and especially in developing countries with warm climates. According to IEA, there could be over 3.7 billion room ACs in use in 2050. Emissions from room air conditioning will increase dramatically. Besides the decarbonisation of energy supply, increasing the appliances’ energy efficiency and using climate-friendly natural refrigerants are the only way towards zero-carbon and “green” cooling. HEAT has supported a pioneering room AC production conversion project which was implemented by GIZ and funded by the Federal Ministry of the Environment, Nature Conservation and Nuclear Safety (BMU). The Indian manufacturer Godrej ozone- and climate-friendly natural refrigerant R290 and started selling it in 2012. HEAT experts provided technical support for the new product design with a special focus on energy efficient and safe operation. HEAT also supported the elaboration of technicians training regarding the safe handling of flammable refrigerants in this context. In several related projects, HEAT experts have assisted the conversion to natural refrigerants in the production of household refrigerators as well as to natural blowing agents in the production of foam.


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