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Pro­pa­ne com­pact chil­lers for com­mer­ci­al coo­ling

Subsectors: Commercial Refrigeration

Colruyt Group choose propane compact chillers as the standard solution for commercial cooling in its' food shops in Belgium and Luxembourg. Cold brine (MPG) is used to distribute cold to the refrigerated cabinets and the cold rooms. The condenser is being cooled with the same MPG, so the heat is released outside with drycoolers or the waste heat is used to heat the shop. This layout allows for a very low refrigerant content of under 4,3 kg. The ventilated enclosure design means that no ATEX zoning exists outside the chiller. The connections are made with fast release flexible couplings, thus allowing redundancy and quick exchange of a chiller when it is broken. This reduces pressure on the internal maintenance team, which add to the safety of the solution.



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    Colruyt Group is one of the largest retailers in Belgium, with around 29,000 employees and over 500 shops. Since 2014, the supermarket chain has been using 100% natural refrigerants in all its new refrigeration systems....