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Success story: Green Cooling labels for refrigerants in Grenada

Since May 2018, the National Ozone Unit (NOU) of Grenada, in cooperation with GIZ Proklima, has been providing Green Cooling stickers to local appliance stores in order to promote the dissemination and use of natural refrigerants on the island state. The initiative created by both project partners supplies local appliance stores with eye-catching green magnetic stickers which are fixed on refrigeration systems with natural refrigerants. As a result, both the distributors and the customer alike are provided with a convenient tool for the promotion and distribution of natural refrigerants, and thus for ozone and climate protection. First piloted with the two companies Courts Grenada Limited (UNICOMER) and L. A. Purcel, the NOU aims to involve more retailers and suppliers and expand the initiative also to air conditioning technologies, with the goal of eventually making Grenada the first f-gas-free Caribbean island.


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    As part of the Energy Division in Grenada's Ministry of Finance, the National Ozone Unit (NOU) is responsible for the political implementation of the commitments set out in the Montreal Protocol. The NOU's main task...