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Suc­cess sto­ry: Su­re Chill ref­ri­ge­ra­tors for Ye­men vac­ci­na­ti­on cam­pai­gn

Subsectors: Domestic refrigeration, Transport Refrigeration

A number of refrigerators with the latest Sure Chill technology will be used during immunization campaigns in 11 regions of the United Arab Emirates, hereby strengthening the country’s healthcare sector. The patented Sure Chill cooling technology enables medical refrigerators to store vaccines adequately without power for ten days or more. This technology was selected by the Emirates Red Crescent as one of 30 companies from 2271 entries aimed at tackling Yemen’s health crisis. The solar-powered vaccine refrigerators were manufactured by Godrej Appliances and delivered to the Public Health and Population Office


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    A unique, pioneering, and adaptable technology that harnesses a natural phenomenon to create robust, breakthrough products that change lives without hurting the planet. Sure Chill is a unique new cooling technology...