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Trai­ning: Trai­ning cour­ses for ref­ri­ge­ra­ti­on and air con­di­tio­n­ing me­cha­nics

For over 5 years, the Department of Engineering of the Maldives Institute of Technology (MIT) has been offering various training courses for refrigeration and air conditioning (RAC) technicians. The Department of Engineering offers several training courses for RAC technicians, addressing both apprentices and more advanced technicians. The duration of the course varies between 4 months and 1 year, and costs lie between 2000 and 26000 Maldivian Rufiyaa per month. With these courses, the MIT is the leading institute in the Maldives, training service technicians on the safe handling and application of natural refrigerants in the RAC sector.


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    The Maldives Institute of Technology (MIT) is a vocational institute delivering skills training in the TVET format to all industry sectors in the Maldives. Besides skills training, MIT is promoting entrepreneurship and...