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Company Subsectors: Commercial Refrigeration

Ablehnung kein Bezug zu nat. Kältemittel /Cosysense provides a net zero service to commercial buildings like office and coworking spaces. Our plug-and-play sensors collect user comfort data, indoor environment, and HVAC power that we transform into real-time CO2e emissions. We complement it with databases of outdoor temperature, weather conditions, grid emission factors, and electricity price. We record all information in a serverless database and visualise it in digital dashboards.

Our AI model uses the data for dual comfort and energy optimisation every 15 minutes. This represents the dynamic nature of buildings and people’s comfort needs. Looking ahead, we will add dynamic pricing and grid emission factors into the optimisation model for future grid-connected smart buildings.

Our AI executes HVAC adjustments through battery-powered wall panel attachment that can be installed to approx. 80% of single and multi-split HVAC models with infrared or manual controls. We can install all our non-invasive devices in 1h without cutting a single cable in clients' spaces.

Cosysense creates above 15% power and emissions savings on top of any other IoT existing solution. It has no upfront cost because we lease our sensors for free. Clients pay a subscription fee between $19 and $99 per sensor per month only if the savings we generate are larger than our fee. That is how our clients become more profitable and greener with our solution.

Country: United Kingdom