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Danish Technological Institute

Company Subsectors: Chillers, Commercial Refrigeration, Domestic refrigeration, Industrial Refrigeration, Mobile air conditioning, Transport Refrigeration, Unitary air conditioning

Danish Technological Institute is among the strongest partners when it comes to developing and implementing high-tech solutions in companies. We are a key partner in ensuring that the green transition takes place in companies in terms of energy, materials and foods. The green transition requires technological knowledge, test facilities that are ready for industrial use and partnerships in order to achieve its goals.

The Danish Technological Institute has been working for development of natural refrigerants for more than 25 years, and has also during more than 25 years helped the Danish Environmental Protection Agency to enhance the national regulation of F-gases which came before the EU and the global regulation.

In June 2022 several papers were presented (15th IIR-Gustav Lorentzen conference on Natural Refrigerants | June 13-15 | Trondheim, Norway) in the field of refrigeration and heat pumps.

At the DTI home page there are several references for R&D-projects developing new technology with natural refrigerants. There are also references where our lab offers to help companies developing new technology with natural refrigerants.

Country: Denmark