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ECOOLTEC Grosskopf GmbH

Company Subsectors: Transport Refrigeration

ECOOLTEC Grosskopf GmbH aims to offer the refrigerated transport industry solutions for the challenges posed by environmental regulations and CO2 certification. Therefore, the German company has developed a new generation of particularly sustainable, efficient and safe refrigeration machines. Technological highlights of the refrigeration machines are among others the almost emission- and CO2-free drive, the use of the natural refrigerants R1270 (propene) and R744 (CO2) with lowest single-digit global warming potential instead of fluorinated refrigerants with GWP values of approximately 2,000; highest operational safety together with enormous available cooling capacity, coupled with extraordinary energy efficiency. ECOOLTEC has secured the system against leakage into the structure by means of a fully hermetic refrigeration circuit and uses a small refrigerant charge down by 90 percent compared with conventional transport refrigeration systems. The refrigeration process takes place completely outside the cargo hold. In the box body, the non-flammable natural refrigerant CO2 ensures cold distribution. The units are suitable for a wide range of mobile applications. They can be used for the largest as well as for compact box bodies, for trailers and rigid vehicles, in both short and long-haul operations.

Country: Germany