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Company Subsectors: Commercial Refrigeration

FREOR is an internationally operating commercial refrigeration equipment manufacturer that supplies innovative, environmentally friendly, high-quality refrigeration solutions for the retail trade sector. FREOR offers an extensive range of commercial refrigeration equipment and cooling solutions. We create, manufacture, and develop refrigeration ranges of multidecks, semi verticals, serve-overs, and freezers that meet the highest quality standards and feature excellent performance, energy efficiency, and durability.

FREOR specializes in developing and promoting sustainable, natural, and energy-efficient cooling solutions using natural propane (R290) and CO₂ (R744) refrigerants. Our environment-friendly cooling systems and solutions like Hydroloop system and Continuous Cooling technology, operating on R290 refrigerant, help supermarkets to become more environmentally friendly and reduce their energy consumption by up to 70%.

Country: Lithuania

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