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Company Subsectors: Chillers

InvenSor GmbH develops and produces adsorption chillers driven by heat at its site in Berlin. The chillers cool using waste heat, e.g. from CHP units, solar installations and industrial production processes. The refrigerant is the most eco-friendly in the world: pure water.

InvenSor chillers save up to 70% in electrical power consumption compared to conventional systems and, thereby, help reduce operating costs significantly. No matter which type of waste heat is used to power them, the machines always operate with utmost efficiency and ease of use. Cooling is no longer a concern. There are no actively moved components inside the cooling chamber. As there is no need to open it for inspection or maintainance purposes it is welded tightly. Thanks to the InvenSor ActiVac® technology, the cooling chamber is maintainance-free. Make use of the waste heat generated by your combined heat and power station or solar plant. Put your plant’s process waste heat to good use. Regardless of where you produce your excess heat, InvenSor chillers can convert this heat into usable cooling.

Country: Germany

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