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KKA Käl­te Kli­ma Ak­tu­ell

Company Subsectors: Chillers, Domestic refrigeration, Commercial Refrigeration, Mobile air conditioning, Industrial Refrigeration, Unitary air conditioning, Transport Refrigeration

The professional journal "KKA Kälte Klima Aktuell" offers up-to-date information for the decisive target group of the market: executive cool and climate engineers and constructors, manufacturers of plants, operators in trade, industrial and economic companies as well as sanitaryheating-climate companies. Operational and fiscal problems of the daily practice of the target group are treated. Current information, product news, specials, practice and object reports, fair reports, market developments and advanced trainings along with information from the institutions.

KKA Kälte Klima Aktuell is one of the most important professional sources of information for the decision makers of the industry in German-speaking countries.

Country: Germany