Green Cooling Initiative

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Company Subsectors: Commercial Refrigeration

Koolboks is a for-profit organization that specializes in innovative refrigeration solutions. Our mission is to revolutionize access to reliable cold chain infrastructure, empower local entrepreneurs, and drive sustainable economic growth across Africa. We are dedicated to providing sustainable and affordable refrigeration options that not only benefit individuals and communities but also prioritize environmental responsibility. One of the key pillars of Koolboks Pay As You Go's commitment to sustainability is our use of natural refrigerants, with a particular emphasis on R600a.

Our solar-powered freezers are equipped with a patented technology to store electricity using climate friendly ice packs supported by a lithium-ion battery. The system comes with two integrated USB outlets to charge or power electronic devices, solving the dependency on unreliable power grids. The units can be purchased on a pay-as-you-go model, eliminating large upfront investments. This supports the affordability of equipment for productive use, leading to ownership of assets and financial inclusion.

With our commitment to social impact, Koolboks emphasizes job creation and supports gender equity. Our solution has the potential to generate employment opportunities in the informal retail sector, which predominantly benefits female entrepreneurs who own and manage small shops. By equipping them with our innovative refrigeration products, we empower people to improve their livelihoods and contribute to local economic development.

Country: France