Green Cooling Initiative

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Government Institution Subsectors: Industrial Refrigeration

At the energy lab here at KTH, we are developing efficient HVAC systems and applications as well as waste heat recovery systems such as heat pumps and geothermal applications.

Our research projects concern the design of refrigeration and heat pump systems, and what can be done to make these systems more energy efficient and their environmental footprint smaller. To obtain the previously mentioned added values, we build, commission, and test specific projects investigating how natural fluids, like propane, carbon dioxide, and ammonia, could be used in a safe and efficient way as refrigerant.

Refrigeration systems and heat pumps, especially High Temperature Heat Pump (HTHP), become more efficient if the heat exchangers, evaporator and condenser, are efficient and give small temperature differences. For this reason, we have research projects on enhancing the surface area to volume ratio of the heat exchangers using additive manufacturing technologies (Metal 3D Printers) to attain the best ratio.

Country: Sweden

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