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Mi­nis­tè­re de l'En­vi­ron­ne­ment, de l'Eco­no­mie Ver­te et du Chan­ge­ment Cli­ma­tique

Government Institution

The Ministère de l'Environnement, de l'Economie Verte et du Changement Climatique of Burkina Faso is responsible for implementing and monitoring the Government's policy on the environment and the improvement of living conditions.

As such, it works on:
Environmental issues

protection of the environment and monitoring of international environmental conventions ratified by the country;
development and monitoring of environmental education programmes;
coordination of activities to combat desertification and other causes of environmental degradation.

Forests and wildlife

the constitution, classification, conservation and management of the national forest heritage;
the constitution, classification, conservation and management of national park reserves, wildlife reserves and similar reserves in conjunction with the Ministry of Tourism;
development of wildlife potential;
regulations governing forest, wildlife and fisheries resources and monitoring their application;
water protection in conjunction with the relevant ministers and local authorities.

Rehabilitation of the living environment

Initiation, coordination, regulation and monitoring of actions related to environmental remediation and improvement of living conditions in both rural and urban areas;
development of a national policy on green space planning and beautification;
drawing up regulatory texts on pollution and nuisance control;
support from local communities for public health;
development and monitoring of standards;
recycling and solid waste treatment.

Country: Burkina Faso