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Mi­nis­try of En­er­gy and Mi­ne­ral De­ve­lop­ment

Government Institution Subsectors: Commercial Refrigeration

The Ministry oversees the energy sector’s overall policy framework, direction, strategies, development, and oversight. The Ministry is mandated to provide policy guidance in developing the Energy, Mineral, Oil and Gas sectors. Specifically, the mandate of the Ministry is: “To establish, promote the development, strategically manage and safeguard the rational and sustainable exploitation and utilization of energy and mineral resources for social and economic development.” To achieve this mandate, the Ministry oversees, inspects, regulates, monitors and evaluates activities of all other sector agencies and the private sector in the energy sector to ensure rational and sustainable development, exploitation, and use of energy resources.

The Ministry develops and implements Minimum Energy Performance Standards for Cooling Appliances for Uganda.
The Ministry promotes Productive Use of Energy initiatives such as cooling services for the dairy and agro-processing sectors.

Country: Uganda