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Na­tio­nal Youth Ser­vice Col­le­ge Mom­ba­sa

Government Institution Subsectors: Chillers, Commercial Refrigeration, Domestic refrigeration, Industrial Refrigeration, Mobile air conditioning

Vocational training courses are offered at the NYS schools and at the Technical, Vocational Training Institutes (TVET) under the Kenyan Ministry of Education.

The National Youth Service college Mombasa offers technical courses including Refrigeration and air conditioning level 1 and 2 in the following areas:
1. Domestic refrigeration
2. Commercial refrigeration
3. Industrial refrigeration
4. Mobile refrigeration

Country: Kenya

Best Practices

  • Best Practice Safe­ty

    Use of appropriate equipment and PPEs when handling natural (HCs) refrigerants.

  • Best Practice Re­co­very

    -Recovering of traditional and transitional refrigerants -use of proper equipment for recovery -proper storage of recovered refrigerants -