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NewGen Gas Pte. Ltd.

Company Subsectors: Commercial Refrigeration

NewGen GAS is a National University of Singapore Spin-off company with expertise in gas hydrate technologies. The founding team has a combined hydrate R&D experience of over 30 years, Industry experience of 20 years. We have a team of advisors with expertise in Hydrate technology, Project management, Business Development and Venture creation. NewGen COOL is thermal energy storage and delivery system developed by NewGen Gas Pte. Ltd. Newgen COOL stores cold energy in form of high energy density(4x vs water) ice-like slurry based on Hydrate technology. It enables
1 ) Increasing building cooling efficiency by 20-30 %
2) Peak building cooling load balancing and peak shaving
3) Reduces chilled water infrastructure CAPEX in buildings by 40-50 % for new installations.

Country: Singapore