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Op­ti­mi­zed Ther­mal Sys­tems, Inc.

Company Subsectors: Commercial Refrigeration, Domestic refrigeration, Mobile air conditioning, Transport Refrigeration, Unitary air conditioning

Optimized Thermal Systems was founded in 2002, with the goal to provide crucial heat transfer and system integration expertise to the industry specifically in the areas of air-conditioning, heat pumping, refrigeration and energy conversion. Having roots with faculty and research at the University of Maryland, our main office in Beltsville, MD includes comprehensive laboratory facilities.

Our goal is to be your reliable, experienced partner in heat transfer, product innovation and system integration. We do this by offering expert services in consulting, software development, workshops, experimental testing & validation, and prototype development. We further offer software licenses and through our partners, can provide engagement with utility programs and incentives. We are committed to advancing technology, particularly innovation that enables reduced energy consumption, improved energy efficiency and overall GHG emissions reduction.

Country: United States

Best Practices

  • Best Practice De­sign Op­ti­miza­t­i­on

    Many times we find that products are designed to meet quick timelines, rushing to achieve the best performance possible in as short an engineering cycle as can be obtained. This often leads to a "trial and error"...

  • Best Practice Pro­to­ty­pe and Test

    When you have a new idea or want to improve system performance, first use simulation to evaluate if the idea will work. When design results are promising, take the concept to the lab for initial prototyping and testing....