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Company Subsectors: Mobile air conditioning, Commercial Refrigeration

Automotive Systems
Sanden started development of compressors and heat exchangers in 1971, when the age of full-swing motorization was imminent in Japan, with a firm belief that air conditioning systems would become absolutely indispensable for cars. Sanden has established a structure by which it can develop, manufacture, and distribute Automotive systems in four regions, in Asia, the Americas, and Europe in addition to Japan, and Sanden now enjoys 25 percent of global market shares for Automotive air conditioning compressors.

Retail Systems
Characteristics of products Ensuring safety of foods and reduction of environmental burdens are imperative factors for the development of showcases. Sanden’s showcases are designed not only to supply delicious and safe foods with well-preserved freshness, but to ensure easy maintenance by store staff and to contribute to environmental conservation.

Vending Systems
The history of Sanden’s vending machines started with the development of fountain-type vending machines for juice in 1961. Thereafter, it has succeeded in developing vending machines one after the other for milk beverages, cup-noodles, ice cream and cup-coffee and has grown to become a pioneer in the industry. Vending systems have become indispensable for society now to support comfortable consumer life.

Expertise in CO2 refrigerant solutions
Since 2007, SANDEN has developed unique know-how in CO2 Technology, encompassing a large panel of heating or cooling applications. We focus particularly on small capacity range up to 25 kW.

Our experience in CO2 systems encompasses:
heat pump water heaters, including Eco-Cute type, and space heating heat pumps for domestic use in Japan, Australia, Europe and now coming in the USA
enclosure air-conditioners in Japan
snack & drinks vending machines throughout the world commercial refrigeration systems in Japan and now in Europe.

SANDEN-made components
SANDEN manufactures its own key components within SANDEN group: compressors, evaporators, gas coolers and electronics. Vertical integration of supply chain ensures excellence of quality and reliability. SANDEN improves its components continuously to increase the energy efficiency level of finished products.

Country: Japan

Best Practices

  • Best PracticeProduct: CO2 condensing unit CDU-L

    The CDU-L condensing unit by Sanden uses a 100% CO2 transcritical cascade architecture, ensuring reliability and quality for application in convenient stores and small cooling capacities. Benefits of the unit include...