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Company Subsectors: Domestic refrigeration, Unitary air conditioning

Solar Polar has developed off grid heating and cooling technologies that will bring sustainable refrigeration, air conditioning, and terrace heating to the whole world.
Solar Polar is a clean-tech start-up, specialising in solar thermal cooling and heating products that do not use any electricity or other fuels. Our competitive advantage lies in our simple, robust technology, which requires no fuel or photovoltaic panels, and has no running costs.
Both Solar Polar products are sustainable using Cradle to Cradle design principals, are cheap to manufacture and have relatively short payback periods. Solar Polar’s patent attorney has filed UK and international Patent applications to cover both cooling and heating products.

Country: United Kingdom

Best Practices

  • Best PracticeProduct: Solar cooling

    Working with academic institutions across Europe, Solar Polar have developed off-grid solar thermal powered absorption cooling systems for air conditioning, refrigeration for vaccines and food storage purposes. The...