Green Cooling Initiative

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Company Subsectors: Commercial Refrigeration, Industrial Refrigeration

Established in 1991, ThermoKey has been manufacturing heat exchangers of various types for over 25 years and is currently internationally known as the ideal partner for manufacturers of cooling units in the AC, refrigeration and cooling process fields.
ThermoKey is the first European manufacturer of heat exchangers and fan units using aluminium microchannel heath exchangers. Microchannel technology allows a reduction of refrigerating fluid up to 65% and is compatible with GWP-free refrigerants, such as ammonia and propane.

ThermoKey has long since introduced CO2 as a refrigerant for the whole range of evaporators to stay in line with the greenhouse gas emission reduction targets set by the regulation.
Amongst the most important factors to be taken into consideration, there are the values that CO2 presents for GWP and ODP indicators, respectively equal to 1 and 0, which demonstrate its energy efficiency and sustainability from an environmental point of view. ThermoKey has already achieved these standards to offer unit coolers with stainless steel tubes for high working pressures and with copper tubes for medium pressure.

Country: Italy