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Uni­ver­sité des Mas­car­eig­nes

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University, Research and Training Platform
Founded in 2012 after a merger between the IST (Institut Supérieur de Technologie) of Camp Levieux and Swami Dayanand Institute of Management (SDIM) of Pamplemousses, the ‘Université Des Mascareignes’ (UDM) has some 1,100 students that are currently enrolled in courses at degree level.
UDM was founded in 2012 and is the fourth public university in Mauritius. This new tertiary institution provides an opportunity for students from both institutions to continue their degree, unlike the old system that allows them to only obtain a diploma. Recall that IST has delivered its first classes in the preparatory cycle in September 1998. The SDIM was inaugurated in July 1995 with the goal to provide education and training to students in the areas of Information & Communication Technology, Finance and Marketing. These students are destined to work in the service sector. "The merger of the two institutions will be beneficial to the development of higher education in Mauritius”.
Thus, the degrees are both from UDM and the University of Limoges in France, according to the European LMD system, which allows students to earn degrees in Mauritius recognized internationally. Another feature of the UDM is that classes are bilingual and programs are designed considering the needs of the socio-economic world. The student center also provides information to students and to monitor and guide students during their academic career to help through to find a job Placement.

Country: Mauritius

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