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WasteWing Technologies

Company Subsectors: Domestic refrigeration

We, WasteWing Technologies, is a Total Waste Management Company. Wastewing Technologies aims to be a game changer in waste management as garbage is a potential threat to the environment and there is an urgent need for far-sighted and holistic solutions to this problem. We work with our clients to identify the best available technologies and solutions to manage waste, helping them to reduce costs, improve efficiencies and find new uses for waste. Our guidance involves setting up and running smart collection systems, routing and recycling the same. We work with municipalities, civil societies, religious and educational institutions, integrated townships etc. in creating awareness. We also make use of digital solutions to meet our client’s demands. Thus we aim to be a part of this solution and want to contribute as much as we can for a better tomorrow for future generations.
WasteWing Technologies has also been established as a Waste Management Engineering Design & Manufacturing Company. We are a team of highly experienced & dedicated Designers, Engineers, Fabricators and Technicians specialized in the production, delivery, assembly, commissioning, maintenance and repair of waste Recycling Machines like Shredders, screens, Segregaters, Trommels, Conveyors, Organic Composting Machines, Garbage Chute Systems, etc. We provide continuous support from Project Delivery to throughout the life of the Machines

Country: India