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NOU Negotiation Training

Event - Workshop , 20 - 21 October 2023

Tentatively: Fairview Hotel Nairobi

In multilateral negotiations, including in the context of the Montreal Protocol to protect the climate and the ozone layer, developing and emerging countries face strategic, financial and technical barriers to actively engage in these complex international negotiations. In order to be empowered to table national demands, to actively participate, to acquire new sources of financing and finally to meet the commitments, the strengthening of skills and techniques is required. Additionally, it requires profound negotiations skills to integrate national stakeholders into the development, transformation and implementation of polices and regulations contributing to commitments of the Montreal Protocol (MP).

The Green Cooling Initiative (GCI) of the GIZ supports partner countries in implementing provisions from the MP including the Kigali Amendment and other international conventions such as the UNFCCC. In this context, GCI seeks to organize a two-day training on strengthening negotiation skills for the international context for the National Ozone Officers and other delegates in Kenya.


Tentatively: Fairview Hotel Nairobi

Date / Duration
20 - 21 October 2023