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Country Profile*: Indonesia

01.11.2016 , News :

With a population of 253 million, an urbanization rate of 53.2% and an electrification rate of 71.4%, Indonesia’s stock of cooling appliances is quite large compared to the other Southeast Asian countries: In 2016, the country had in use an estimated 26.9 million domestic refrigerators, 8.39 million car air conditioners and 7.87 million unitary air conditioning appliances (All numbers according to GCI calculations - for more information see the GCI country data (opens in a new window)).Expected unit sales in these sectors are estimated to triple or even quadruple by 2030 (Figure 1).

The estimated overall emissions from the RAC sectors amount to 79.4 Mt CO2eq in 2016 (Figure 2).

In a business-as-usual scenario, this number can be expected to rise to 215 Mt CO2eq in the year 2030. However, an estimated 92 Mt CO2eq could be saved in 2030 when considering the use of climate friendly natural refrigerants, changes in the system design and improvements in the energy efficiency (Figure 3).

About 44 % of the total emission reduction potential can be achieved through a change to climate friendly natural refrigerants (Figure 4).

You can also find this data – and much more – by conducting your own research on the GCI website at (opens in a new window).

*In this rubric, we want to give some insight into the potential of emissions savings in the refrigeration and air conditioning sectors by showing data and figures related to one specific country. We will pick a different country each time. If you would like to have your country portrayed in one of the next newsletters, please send us your suggestion.